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Delegate Joe Lindsey Supports Women's Rights
Delegate Joe Lindsey Supports Women's Rights
NORFOLK, VA -- On Saturday, January 21, 2017, Delegate Joe Lindsey spoke at the Women's Rally in Norfolk, Virginia. Here is a copy of his speech.



JANUARY 21, 2017

"Thank you for the opportunity to STAND here in solidarity with you. IT IS THE inescapable truth that unlike any time since the 1950s, women's rights are under attack. This is a battle we cannot lose. Today, nationwide, tens of thousands of men and women of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are uniting to make sure their collective voice is heard. This is both empowering and encouraging to witness.

This is not simply just the traditional enemy of workplace discrimination that breeds a culture of unequal pay for the same days’ work of a woman’s male counterpart. Nor is it the proverbial glass ceiling that stagnates and limits opportunities to be the mavens of industry and commerce. It is not only the governmental sanctioned policies and legislation that have intruded into every facet of the of a woman's health choices. It is not just one of these regressive anti-woman's right policies. It is all of these and more. We as society are facing a culture of MISOGYNY, bigotry and prejudice.

I am the child of a strong mother and a brother of six sisters. I am a father of a son and daughter, and the grandfather of two young girls. Most importantly, I AM A person who can distinguish right from wrong. As such a person, I say to you that these are HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES. History has taught us that whenever society condones the mistreatment of any among us, we lessen the potential of society as a whole.

This march and the movement that IS AT its Genesis, is incredibly important. We must all stand together and let it be known in this era of Trump, the debasement and objectification of women lessen the stature of all citizens.

Your plight as women is made more difficult by the many of you who for varying reasons, cannot join this fight for change. Their apathy or inability to join the cause for WOMEN’S RIGHTS will be the example that those who would oppress will look to when denying the existence of a problem.

History has shown that there has never been a system of oppression that ended without those like you who are assembled here today POINTING OUT THE OPPRESSION AND INSISTING – DARE I SAY, DEMANDING CHANGE.

For my mother, my wife, my sisters, my daughter, my granddaughters and (most especially, FOR ME), I SAY TO YOU, THAT I AM HERE WITH YOU.



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