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Joe's Committees

2018 House of Delegates photo

Delegate Joe Lindsey

Delegate Joe Lindsey serves in the Virginia House of Delegates as the representative for the 90th District. He currently serves on the following commitees and subcommittees:


The Privileges and Elections Committee considers matters concerning voting; apportionment; certain conflicts of interest; constitutional amendments; elections; elected officeholders; reprimand, censure, or expulsion of certain officials; and nominations and appointments to certain offices or positions in the Commonwealth. It considers grievances and propositions, federal relations and interstate matters. It reviews and reports and provides recommendations where appropriate. It reports in all cases involving contested elections the principles and reasons upon which their resolves are founded. It determines and reports on all matters referred to it as set forth in the statutes.

The Finance committee considers matters concerning general and special revenues of the Commonwealth and taxation matters, including: tax exemptions (such as property tax); sales and use tax; food and beverage tax; and car exemptions.

The Commerce and Labor Committee establishes legislation and/or policy as it relates to the State Corporation Commission, public utility companies and the banking and insurance industries.



The Commerce and Labor Committee considers all matters concerning banking; commerce; commercial law; corporations; industry; insurance; labor; manufacturing; partnerships; public utilities, except matters relating to transportation; workmen's compensation and unemployment matters.

The House Finance Committee considers matters concerning general and special revenues of the Commonwealth; and taxation matters, including, tax exemptions such as property tax, sales tax and car tax exemptions.

The Privileges and Elections Committee receives and investigates any charges or complaints brought against any member of the House of Delegates in the performance of their duties or the discharge of their responsibilities, and recommends to the House such action as it may deem appropriate to establish and enforce standards of conduct for members. 

The Reapportionment Joint Committee supervises activities required for the tabulation of population for the census and the timely reception of precinct population data for reapportionment.

The Secure Commonwealth Panel is an advisory board in the executive branch of state government, established to monitor and assess the implementation of statewide prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives and where necessary to review, evaluate, and make recommendations relating to the emergency preparedness of government at all levels in the Commonwealth. In addition, the Panel facilitates cabinet-level coordination among the various agencies of state government related to emergency preparedness and facilitates private sector preparedness and communication. The Panel makes quarterly reports to the Governor concerning the state’s emergency preparedness, response, recovery and prevention efforts.

The Commission on Unemployment Compensation continues the work of the Joint Subcommittee Studying the Unemployment Trust Fund (est. 1977). Primary responsibilities are to: evaluate the impact of existing statutes and proposed legislation on unemployment compensation and the Unemployment Trust Fund; assess the Commonwealth's unemployment compensation program and examine ways to enhance effectiveness; monitor the current status and long-term projections for the Unemployment Trust Fund; and report annually its findings and recommendations for the General Assembly and the Governor.